Presentation regarding Guardianship in Judicial Practice

Professor George Georgiades has delivered a presentation on the judicial practice regarding guardianship of adults, mainly elders, in a scientific meeting organized by the Greek Civil Law Association.

Expert Witness Testimony before London’s High Court

Professor George Georgiades has been called as expert witness on Greek law before London’s High Court.

Legal Implications of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Professor George Georgiades has been invited to deliver a speech at the 11th Panhellenic Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease.

New edition of “General Principles of Civil Law”

This fifth edition of the classic manuscript of “General Principles of Civil Law” became necessary for the book to be updated with the legislative changes introduced in the meantime as well as recent theory and case law aiming to retain the book contemporary and functional.

AGA supports Alexandrakeion Nursing Home

This year AGA has decided to donate and support the work of the Alexandrakeion Nursing Home in Kalamata

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

AGA Law Firm has upgraded the certification of its quality management system into ISO 9001:2015

Book Presentation

Professor Apostolos Georgiades’ latest book “What is Law?” has been presented in the Academy of Athens. The hall was crowded with lawyers, judges, academics, politicians, bankers and entrepreneurs.

Interview with Apostolos Georgiades

Professor Apostolos Georgiades has been interviewed by Ilias Kanellis on weekly newspaper “Ta Nea” of March 31, 2018.

Scientific Meeting on Testamentary Capacity

Professor George Georgiades has presented the Supreme Court’s case law on testamentary capacity in a scientific meeting organized by the Association for Judicial Studies.

What is Law? – The new book by Apostolos Georgiades

After many decades of authoring textbooks, Professor Georgiades now turns to non-lawyers and tries to explain in simple words how the law works.

Chambers Global 2018 ranks AGA

Chambers Global 2018 Guide has now been released and it ranks AGA for Dispute Resolution in Greece.