The provisions of the Greek Civil Code regarding the “Law of Succession”, are generally considered to constitute the most difficult part of Civil Law. Their implementation cannot be achieved simply through a “literal” interpretation of their context but instead, systematic and teleological interpretation have to take precedence in accordance with the rules of legal methodology so that regulatory gaps are filled and real or apparent conflicts between different provisions of succession law are resolved. Following this procedure, both the young jurist (to whom the present book is mainly addressed) as well as the practicing lawyer, will be in a position to fully understand the internal system of our “Law of Succession” and appreciate the social role this part of law is required to play.

It is obvious that the present book does not (and should not) intend to replace the systematic textbook on Succession Law. This book’s intention is to supplement the textbook and connect it with everyday life and case law. In this regard, the present book’s analysis of the provided problem questions has been based in fact on cases that have been resolved by the Greek courts and on matters legal theory has dealt with.