AGA Partner Assistant Professor George Georgiades has been invited by the Association for Judicial Studies to participate in an interdisciplinary scientific meeting to discuss about testamentary capacity. Professor Georgiades has presented the Supreme Court’s case law on testamentary capacity and has discussed the criteria under which a testator is deemed by the courts as incompetent to dispose off his property.

Professor of Neurology Sokratis Papageorgiou, Professor of Psychiatry Athanasios Douzenis and Researcher Neurologist Panagiota Voskou have explained the physical symptoms of testators with cognitive dysfunction and have presented a novel Testamentary Capacity Assessment Tool (TCAT) that can assess the person’s core functions which are required for testamentary capacity.

The Association for Judicial Studies has been founded in 1983 by senior judges and law professors and is aiming at improving the quality of justice in Greece.

The audience comprised of judges of all levels, academics and practicing lawyers.