Medical Law & Health Sector Regulation

AGA is highly knowledgeable in all legal framework required for the establishment of hospitals and provision of relative services to consumers in Greece.

AGA has gained invaluable experience in Medical Law as the legal counsel of one of the largest private held hospitals in Athens for almost a decade.


Merger of non-profit organization with the biggest biomedical research foundation operating in Greece

AGA has advised a non-profit organization promoting public health in its merge with the biggest biomedical research foundation operating in Greece and the legal handling of relevant biological samples and data.

Legal advice on opening of new Santorini General Hospital

AGA advised HEALTH UNITS S.A. (A.E.M.Y. S.A.), a state-owned company established by Law 3293/2004 and supervised by the Ministry of Health, on the opening, operation and management of the new General Hospital in Santorini.

Continuous legal advice to leading private hospital

AGA advised and represented on a continuous basis HENRY DUNANT HOSPITAL, one of the leading private hospitals in Athens on numerous issues and cases encountered during day-to-day operation. These cases included employment, insurance policies, medical malpractice, procurement of goods and services etc.

Legal advice to hospital on required licenses

AGA advised owner of HENRY DUNANT HOSPITAL on all necessary licenses required by the Greek State to provide top-quality hospital services in Greece.