This fifth edition of the classic manuscript of “General Principles of Civil Law” became necessary for the book to be updated with the legislative changes introduced in the meantime as well as recent theory and case law aiming to retain the book contemporary and functional.

Over the past seven years since the release of the previous (fourth) edition of the book, its content has been significantly altered by, mainly, the following legislative changes: Law 4072/2012 which provided, among others, legal capacity, to the non-publicized general partnership and joint venture; Law 4139/2013 which amended the provisions of the Civil Code re the interruption of the limitation period by bringing an action; Law 4182/2013 which replaced many provisions re foundations; Law 4491/2017 on the recognition of the gender identity; Law 4512/2018 re the latest provisions for off-premises and remote distance contracts; the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation; and finally the numerous amendments made by Law 4335/2015 to the Code of Civil Procedure.

Such an updated and revised manuscript of the “General Principles of Civil Law”, stands as the most contemporary and reliable aide and consultant of every Greek law professional on Civil Law issues.