With his new work, Professor Apostolos Georgiades attempted to write the textbook he would like to have read when he was young and began his studies at the Law School of Athens.

It is a book that pursues different goals than the other known introductory textbooks, which are mainly intended to familiarize non-legal practitioners with the basic concepts of law. Its approach is also partly different from that of legal methodology textbooks, whose main object is to explore the methods of legal thought in the interpretation and application process of the rules of law in practice.

With his new work, Apostolos Georgiades aspires to provide not only the law student, but also the mature legal practitioner, with stimuli for thought and reflection on key subjects of Law and its science, such as: the nature and substance of the rules of law as well as their social and economic significance; the question of where the binding effect, what we commonly refer to as “power”,  of the rules of law stems from; the relationship between the law in force and the ‘ideal’ law that is derived or, more accurately, identified with the idea of Justice; the well-known problem of whether the occupation with the law and its rules is in fact a science or merely a technique or a skillfulness, such as the process of producing a result; the relationship of Legal science, in case we finally accept it to be a science, with other sciences as well as with Politics; the differences between the supreme law of the State, the Constitution, and the simple law and the boundaries between legislative and judicial function; and finally, the mental process that the judge follows (or should be following) during the interpretation and application of the rules of law in the cases before him.