Professor George Georgiades invited to the 7th Annual Family Law Conference

Professor George Georgiades has been invited to the 7th Annual Conference of the Hellenic Association of Family Law in order to speak on the custodial rights of unmarried fathers.

Presentation regarding Guardianship in Judicial Practice

Professor George Georgiades has delivered a presentation on the judicial practice regarding guardianship of adults, mainly elders, in a scientific meeting organized by the Greek Civil Law Association.

Legal opinion on novel joint custody issue

AGA partner George Georgiades rendered legal opinion to client in support of his petition to break the joint custody of the children of a divorcing couple, so as to award one aspect of the custody (namely the child’s education and health matters) to the father while leaving all other matters falling under custody to the mother. This kind of division in the custody of a minor, was upheld for the first time and constitutes a breakthrough for Greek family case law.

€3bn family co-ownership claims irrevocably rejected

AGA defended well known shipping magnate in claims raised against him by a family member claiming co-ownership in a series of very valuable assets (property, stock, gold, company shares etc.); claims (total amount exceeding €3bn), irrevocably rejected.

Representation of high net worth individuals in diverse family claims

AGA has represented high net worth private clients in claims relating to family law matters (custody of and communication with minors, divorce, claims for possessions acquired by the spouses during marriage, dispute of fatherhood etc.); inheritance law issues (annulment or preservation of last wills, recognition of a person’s legal share in the heritance etc.); ownership of company shares, highly valued property etc.

Heredity rights of Greek citizens living abroad

AGA rendered legal opinions to private clients relative to the succession right of a child born abroad from an invalid marriage of Greek parents and the hereditary rights of Greek citizens residing abroad.

Legal opinion on foundations & trusts

AGA has rendered legal opinion relative to the treatment under Greek Law of foundations, trusts and the transfer of assets to the beneficiaries.

Interpretation of Last Will & Testament documents for establishing charity foundations

AGA has represented clients in cases on the interpretation of Last Will and Testament establishing charity foundations and especially in
cases where their purpose, for some reason, is no longer feasible.