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AGA is distinguished for its leading expertise in dispute resolution. The Firm’s highly regarded litigation team has successfully (and most discreetly) handled some of the weightiest cases ever presented before the Greek and international Courts. With a tradition of successfully handling demanding and complex cases, AGA is the trusted partner of many high profile domestic and international clients in all fields of law.

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AGA is a highly respected law firm actively involved in both domestic and international transactions and disputes, with a long legal tradition and profound expertise in most areas of Greek law.


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Family Law Conference

George Georgiades participated in the 4th annual conference of the Society of Greek Family Law, which focused on the topic, parental alienation syndrome. As a measure for addressing the issue, he proposed the diminution of the ex-spouse alimony in case the alimony recipient obstructs the parent-child communication with the other parent.

Civil Code – Commentary, General Principles, Ia & Ib Volumes, 2nd Edition

published by P.N. Sakkoulas, 2016

Aspects of Greek Civil Law

published by Greek Law Digest 2nd Edition, 2016